Indexing for Multiple Outputs

Sunday, June 10, 9 a.m.-noon Central time
The Fort Garry Hotel, Spa and Conference Centre
222 Broadway
Winnipeg, Manitoba

This three-hour workshop will focus on how to index content that will be published in multiple outputs—meaning a manuscript that will be published in more than one type of format, such as to print and eBooks. Although you’re applying the same indexing concepts, you must accommodate your entries to work in every type of output. How do you do this? Cheryl Landes, who has indexed the same content for multiple formats for more than 20 years, will show you how.

During this workshop, Cheryl will cover these topics:

  • What embedded indexing is
  • The differences between traditional back-of-the-book indexing and embedded indexing
  • Tagging content, the most common method of embedding index entries for multiple outputs, and how it works

Cheryl will also demonstrate some popular programs used for indexing, such as Adobe InDesign and Adobe FrameMaker. She will provide an exercise for attendees to practice tagging entries for an index (no computers or software required).

This workshop is held in conjunction with the annual Indexing Society of Canada Conference.

Cost: $105.05 CDN per person. Register at Eventbrite.

The Definitive Guide to Creating Policies and Procedures

Every business has policies and procedures, and any time these are documented for the first time or updated, it’s a big project that feels daunting. When you follow a set of best practices, the process is far less intimidating and becomes easier. Learn more in this free white paper Cheryl wrote for MadCap SoftwareThe Definitive Guide to Creating Policies and Procedures.

Download now; no registration is required.