Cheryl’s published works cover a wide range of topics: travel, Northwest history, findability, writing, gratitude, journeys, cats, mental health, and homelessness.

The Best I Can Do

The Best I Can Do book cover

Cheryl and Tom were college sweethearts who married after they graduated and settled in Seattle. For nine years, their lives were like an extended honeymoon. Then Tom’s personality began to change as his sales job at a Fortune 500 company grew more stressful. He began fearing someone was following him. At first, his episodes were brief, so Cheryl assumed each one was a passing phase. But as the stress increased, so did his paranoia.

Then Tom was laid off from his job and decided to change careers to finance, which required a move to New York City. After a year of struggling with rejections, he gave up. Paranoia consumed his life, and he lost trust in everyone. Cheryl tried to get help for him but discovered there was nothing she could do. Their marriage unraveled. Tom vanished and resurfaced months later, homeless.

Cheryl also became homeless. While living in her car, she struggled with guilt from not being able to help Tom while working two jobs to pay off bills she didn’t know about until after the marriage shattered. She learned how to cope and survive through strength, resiliency, and her spiritual connection with nature.

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List of resources about mental illness and homelessness:
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Rainbows in the Snow

Rainbows in the Snow book cover

Journeys come in different shapes and sizes. They aren’t necessarily a trip from one point to another. They can be the experiences along the way, such as a transformation, a realization, a discovery, or a resolution. Rainbows in the Snow is a celebration of these journeys through stories, photos, and an occasional haiku—from a cat diffusing a heated conference call to a conversation with a bored ten-year-old during a ride on a ferry. The photos are from Cheryl’s travels.

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Those Wild Northwest Days

Those Wild Northwest Days book cover

Those Wild Northwest Days is a lively collection of 25 true stories about the pioneers who settled the Pacific Northwest and the towns where they lived from the late 1800s through the early 1900s. Among the characters you’ll meet:

  • Lyman Cutler, whose disagreement with a pig almost caused an international incident
  • Elijah Elliott, who led a wagon train onto a new shortcut from the Oregon Trail to the Willamette Valley and became lost in Oregon’s high desert country
  • Fern Hobbs, the personal secretary of former Oregon Governor Oswald West, who shut down a rowdy mining town on the banks of the Snake River
  • Noah Kellogg, a down-on-his-luck, jack-of-all trades whose misadventures with a stubborn mule led to the discovery of one of the richest silver lodes in the Idaho Panhandle
  • Asa Mercer, who played matchmaker for the lonely male settlers in Washington Territory by recruiting “brides” from the northeastern United States

Second edition coming soon!

Beautiful America’s Seattle

Beautiful America's Seattle book cover

Beautiful America’s Seattle is a coffee table book featuring an overview of the city’s culture, neighborhoods, and tourist highlights, along with a chapter of things to do outside the city. Cheryl wrote the text, and Jamie and Judy Wild provided the pictures.

Beautiful America’s Idaho

Beautiful America's Idaho book cover

Beautiful America’s Idaho is a coffee table book highlighting the state’s beauty and destinations. Cheryl wrote the text, and a range of Northwest photographers contributed the pictures.

Published Chapters, Essays, and Photos

The Community Book Project: Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude
(2023 and 2024 Editions)

In The Community Book Project, writers with a wide range of backgrounds and professions contributed 200-word thought-of-the-day essays filled with an appreciation for life. In the 2023 edition, Cheryl wrote two essays about her seatmate during a flight from Havana to Miami and one of the special cats in her life. The 2024 edition has essays about Cheryl’s experiences in Normandy and one of her happiest birthday celebrations that occurred during a difficult time in her life.

In Rescuing Cats I Lost My Mind But Found My Soul

Book cover for In Rescuing Cats I lost My Mind But Found My Soul

This book by Cheryl Kwasigroch contains 19 heartwarming short stories about cats based on her experiences in animal rescue and working in animal shelters. Some stories are written from Cheryl Kwasigroch’s point of view, while others are written from the cat’s perspective. Cheryl Landes provided photos for this book and edited it.

The Language of Technical Communication

The Language of Technical Communication book cover

Fifty-two top technical communications professionals contributed chapters to The Language of Technical Communication. Each chapter is a term and description related to the field of technical communications. Cheryl wrote the chapter about findability and indexed this book.

The Language of Content Strategy

The Language of Content Strategy book cover

Fifty-two top content strategy professionals contributed chapters to The Language of Content Strategy. Each chapter is a term and description related to the field of content strategy. Cheryl wrote the chapter about findability and indexed this book.