What’s it like to work with Cheryl?Can Cheryl help you?
Clients like working with Cheryl, because she is honest, flexible, realistic, and practical.

  1. Honest—If Cheryl sees something unnecessary in your project plan, she will speak up. If she isn’t a good match for your project, she says so and either recommends someone who’s qualified or suggests appropriate resources.
  2. Flexible—Cheryl recommends the best tools and methods for your particular project. However, if there are obstacles to using those, she works within your limitations. She adapts quickly to change in unpredictable high-tech environments.
  3. Realistic—Impossible deadlines and scope creep often threaten project success. Cheryl detects these problems early and helps you find workable solutions.
  4. Practical—Cheryl wants you to succeed. Her advice is based on proven principles of effectiveness, resulting in better outcomes and savings for your project and the company.

Can Cheryl help you?

Cheryl’s services span these categories:

  1. Project consulting
    • Determining project needs
    • Creating project plans
    • Analyzing and resolving project problems
  2. Technical communications
    • Designing and developing digital content (online help, web-based and/or mobile information)
    • Writing print documentation
    • Editing content
    • Single sourcing (creating one source of content and producing different types of documents from it)
  3. Findability projects
    • Creating user-friendly navigation
    • Structuring content logically for users
    • Search engine optimization (making content findable in searches)
    • Indexing
  4. Instructional design and technical training
    • Developing course plans
    • Writing course and workshop content
    • Creating and editing slide presentations
    • Teaching courses and workshops
  5. Technical marketing communications-Researching and writing:
    • Case studies
    • White papers
    • Magazine and journal articles
    • Blog posts and webpages
    • Reports
    • Brochures
    • Press releases