Technical Documentation Samples

Deactivating the glossary in tri-pane help

One of Cheryl’s clients, a new MadCap Flare user, asked her “how to turn off the glossary” in the Word output for their Flare projects during an email conversation. Cheryl wrote these steps for the client’s reference.

Tracking app for the Northern Lights in Fairbanks, Alaska

When Explore Fairbanks announced this new app, Cheryl wrote this post for Tabby Cat’s Pawprints, her travel blog, which explains what the app is and how to use it.

Web-Based Help Project

As a Mad for Flare certified developer, Cheryl often receives requests from clients to create templates for generating online and print content from MadCap Flare. When Cheryl creates these templates, clients often ask her to convert content from another software package—usually Adobe FrameMaker or Microsoft Word—into these new Flare templates.

This project sample is for Eyefinity, a division of Vision Service Plan (VSP). Cheryl developed this template to produce content in HTML5, PDF, and Clean XHTML formats. This sample shows the HTML5 format, which also works on mobile devices.

Case Studies

Data cleansing case study

Cheryl wrote this case study for a consulting firm that developed a new taxonomy for a major retailer’s online product catalog. Cheryl also created the knowledge transfer documentation for this project. The consulting firm used the documentation to train the retailer’s staff taxonomists who would manage and maintain the catalog after the consulting team departed.

Machine learning system case study

Cheryl wrote this case study for SIOS Technology Corporation, which produces systems and products that use artificial intelligence (AI) to learn about a network’s traffic patterns and device behavior to recommend performance improvements and report issues with devices.

Index Samples


Dameronia is a biography about Tadd Dameron, one of the most prolific composers and musicians in the history of jazz. Author Paul Combs, a jazz composer and musician, spent 25 years researching and writing this book. Jazz researchers and academics in music highly respect his book for its thorough, accurate research.

Cheryl created three indexes for this book using Macrex, a software package that formats indexes, sorts index entries alphabetically, and orders page numbers correctly: A subject index, names and places index, and musical works index. This subject index is the final version Cheryl submitted to the publisher at The University of Michigan Press before the book went to press.

Technical certification study guide

This index is among dozens of study guides Cheryl indexed during a two-year contract for Hewlett Packard Enterprise Press (HPE Press). These study guides are targeted to customers studying for professional-, expert-, and master-level certifications in HP’s networking technologies and products. These manuals were created in Adobe InDesign and published in print and eBook formats. Cheryl tagged (embedded) the index entries in the InDesign chapter files and compiled the final indexes using the indexing features in InDesign.

White Paper Sample

The Definitive Guide to Creating Policies and Procedures

Every business has policies and procedures, and any time these are documented for the first time or updated, it’s a big project that feels daunting. When you follow a set of best practices, the process is far less intimidating and becomes easier. Learn more in a white paper Cheryl wrote for MadCap SoftwareThe Definitive Guide to Creating Policies and Procedures.