Testimonials about Cheryl

Creates clear, concise, usable communications
“As software product manager, I was and am in awe at Cheryl’s ability to take the complex and chaotic and make it understandable and usable. She has practically inhuman organizational skills—no matter what product change I threw at her there it was…right where it should be in the manual. Cheryl also was incredibly helpful with marketing copy; using her gift for the clear and concise instead of a lot of technical jargon. She is patient, incredibly focused, hard-working and cares deeply about getting it right.” – Chris Cavanagh, Software Product Manager, ClickThings, Inc.

Solves problems from Day 1, flexible
“The first day Cheryl was on the job, she started solving problems and offering great advice for our growing department. The project she worked on was a moving target at times, and Cheryl’s flexibility and professionalism were greatly appreciated. We hired Cheryl as a technical writer after interviewing more than a dozen others, but she delivered well beyond expectation. I’d highly recommend hiring Cheryl for your next technical writing project.” – Beth Durkee, Support Documentation Manager, EBSCO Publishing

Exceptional team support, high-quality technical writing skills, dependable
“Cheryl attached to technical marketing and engineering teams to produce support documentation and training packages without distracting the team or delaying goals. Professionals working with her should expect top quality technical writing skills, problem solving options, team momentum, instant camaraderie, and dependable independence. Cheryl continues to be introduced as a teammate on all my projects.” – Patrick Gorrell, EV Project Execution Manager, Schneider Electric

Delivers as promised under tight deadlines
“I hired Cheryl to assist me with editing for a written deliverable, a project with tight deadlines. Because of those deadlines, it was important that Cheryl do exactly what I asked for and nothing else. (I normally am more collaborative with my consultants, but it is what I needed for that particular client.) Cheryl meticulously followed my direction and delivered as promised.” – Ann Grove, President, Logical Writing Solutions, Inc.

Excellent teacher providing well-written course materials
“Although I’ve only known Cheryl for a couple of years, I’ve known of her for many years as an expert indexer. I took her InDesign Indexing course in 2013 and found that she is an excellent teacher as well. Cheryl was patient and paced the instruction well, never minding having to go over things more than once. The companion materials she created for the course are well written, thorough, and very well presented. I still refer to them frequently. She has been great about answering any follow-up questions as well. I highly recommend Cheryl as a teacher, as well as an indexer and writer.”—Wendy Catalano, Owner, Last Look Editorial